Bishakh Ghosh
IIT Kharagpur

My current areas of interest are distributed systems, cloud computing, computer networks.

I am working under the supervision of Dr. Sandip Chakraborty

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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 2018 - Present

PhD Blockchains and MPC

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

National Institute of Technology Durgapur 2014 - 2018

Bachelor of Technology CGPA: 9.26

Department of Information Technology

Higher Secondary School 2012-2014

Nava Nalanda Santiniketan 88.88%

Secondary School 2012

Nava Nalanda Santiniketan 87.14%


Journal of Network and Computer Applications - P. S. Paul, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Hridoy Datta, Kingshuk De, Arka Prava Basu, Prithviraj Pramanik, Sujoy Saha, Sandip Chakraborty, Niloy Ganguly, Subrata Nandi CRIMP: Here crisis mapping goes offline

IEEE CLOUD 2019 - Sourav Kanti Addya, Anurag Satpathy, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Sandip Chakraborty and Soumya K. Ghosh Power and Time aware VM Migration for Multi-tier Applications over Geo-distributed Clouds

IEEE SCC 2019 - Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Sourav Kanti Addya, Anurag Satpathy, Soumya K. Ghosh and Sandip Chakraborty Towards a Democratic Federation for Infrastructure Service Provisioning | PDF | Presentation

COMSNETS 2016 - Partha Sarathi Paul, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Kingshuk De, Sujoy Saha, Subrata Nandi, Indrajit Bhattacharya and Sandip Chakraborty. On design and implementation of a scalable and reliable Sync system for delay tolerant challenged networks

ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop - EM-GIS 2016 - Partha Sarathi Paul, Hridoy Sankar Dutta, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Krishnandu Hazra, Sandip Chakraborty, Sujoy Saha, Subrata Nandi. Offline crisis mapping by opportunistic dissemination of crisis data after large-scale disasters

ACM CHANTS - Partha Sarathi Paul, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Kingshuk De, Sujoy Saha, Subrata Nandi, and Sandip Chakraborty. Demo: pSync: A Peer-to-peer Sync Tool for Challenged Networks.

ICDCN 19 Workshops - EmeRTeS - Partha Sarathi Paul, Chandrika Mukherjee, Bishakh Chandra Ghosh, Sudipta Pandit, Sujoy Saha, Subrata Nandi On Designing a Fast-Deployable ‘Localized’ GIS Platform for using ‘Offline’ during Post-Disaster Situation


Teaching Assistant - IIT Kharagpur Networks Lab (Spring 2019) Advances in Operating Systems Design (Autumn 2019)

Cityprobe Project NIT Durgapur - Project Student Associate Dec 2017 - May 2018 Opportunistic data dissemination through challenged networks

MAQ Software - Software Intern May 2017 - Jun 2017 Design and implement Microsoft Returns Dashboard using TSQL, ASP, and Power BI.

Google Summer of Code - Python Software Foundation May 2016 - Aug 2016 Custom content management system using Django and content aggregation system for automatic inte- gration of documentation of Dipy in the Dipy webite.

DISARM project NIT Durgapur

Winter Intern 2015-16

Port pSync to Java and integrate it with an Android app.

Summer Intern 2015-16

Implementation of congestion control protocols in pSync

Winter Intern 2014-15

Design and implementation of a peer to peer sync tool in python pSync.



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